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Avoid Backlighting

- Lights behind you will turn you into a dark silhouette. Make sure there are no lamps or windows directly behind you.

- Position two lights if possible at a diagonal in front of you one to your right and one to your left.

Check you background

- Clear your background. Make sure there is nothing distracting that can appear in the video call.

- Allow at least 3 feet minimum between your back and the wall so you don't blend into the background and flatten the video. You'll look more confident with space.

Make eye contact

- Look at the webcam when speaking and listening, this will create the impression that you are highly engages in the call. People like when others pay attention and people hire people they like.

WebCam Placement

- For optimal appearance the camera should be placed just above your eye level angled slightly downward.

- Test your webcam

- Bad video can be forgiven but bad audio will tank your call. Use earbuds instead of your laptop's built-in speakers.

Join the call early

- Jump on the video call early and turn video on so you can see what you and your background look like.

- Check timezones - your interviewer might have forgotten the time difference when setting up the meeting.

If things go wrong

- Before the interview, ask for a phone number where you can reach them if you experience technical issues. 

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